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Cape Gourmet Signature

Complete Brand Design: Logo, Packaging and Website Design.



Role: Creative Director and Designer

Cape Gourmet Signature is a premium brand of seafood owned by United Seafood, headquartered in New Jersey, USA with satellite offices in Toronto, Canada.


We were tasked with designing the branding, packaging and website for Cape Gourmet's new ‘Signature’ seafood line. An upscale extension to their' original lineup of Cape Gourmet frozen seafood products geared to consumers looking for the finest quality seafood in the world. With over 12 products in the Signature Seafood lineup, the brand and packaging needed to feel premium. We designed the logo in a seal shape to represent quality and incorporated wavy lines to symbolize the ocean. For the packaging design we used matte black resealable pouch style bags, vibrant colours to represent each product and black and white photography showing the locations where each of the products originated from around the world. 

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