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Branding, Logo and Packaging Design

Agency: Central Station

Role: Designer

Collaborators: Creative Director Jeff Millar 

Baruvida is an international wellness company based in Toronto, Canada. Their’ outstanding and delicious Baru Nuts are actually the new super food and the world’s healthiest nut. Baru Nuts are derived from the fruit of the baruzeiro tree, a tree that has truly exceptional qualities and only grows deep in the forests of the Cerrado in South America. This fantastic product needed some mystical illustrations and a colourful design to show off its magical properties.


We worked with Central Station to develop Baruvida’s new branding and packaging design. Once we learned about the magnificent qualities of the baruzeiro tree we knew it had to be the brand's main identity. We wanted to capture the essence of this mystical tree with a whimsical illustration style and used the iconic shape of the baru nut for the leaves. On the packaging design we used illustrations of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water to represent the tree’s magical properties. 

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